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After serving in South Asia with the Mosaic Discipleship School on a short-term mission trip, Daniel decided to participate in an 11-month internship in South Asia. As he got to the end of his internship, he was praying about whether to commit to another three years of serving in South Asia. The Lord highlighted the story of the women who broke the jar of perfume (Mark 14:3); she broke the whole jar all at once! God was asking Daniel to lay everything aside, and he said yes.

Lindsay went to South Asia on a summer internship in 2014, and after returning that fall, she felt called by the Lord to return to serve as part of the long-term team. In 2017, she attended the church-planting school at Antioch in Waco, Texas and began raising support and applying for her visa.

Both Lindsay and Daniel started their long-term commitment to the same team in South Asia in 2018 and met each other overseas. They were married in 2019 and returned to South Asia. They experienced great joy doing ministry together as a married couple for the first time and began to develop new relationships with locals, both lost and Christian.

During the next couple years, South Asians suffered from the health effects of Coronavirus, as well as the economic consequences of lockdowns, but God was also moving amidst these difficulties. Daniel and Lindsay were able to share the Good News with many people, invest in local believers’ lives and provided a prayer covering for pastors beginning reproducing home churches in rural areas. Because it is far more fruitful to equip local believers to reach out to their neighbors than to be the main evangelists in the country, Daniel and Lindsay especially focused on equipping local believers to faithfully sow seeds and be witnesses to their neighbors. In the country where they served, many lost families come to know Jesus because of a miraculous encounter. However, there is usually a Christian in their lives who has been consistently sharing the Good News with them, stirring hunger and openness in their hearts for truth. By equipping these local disciples, Daniel and Lindsay helped them to be ones that can partner with God in those critical moments in lost peoples’ lives.

One teenager named Sunita Daniel and Lindsay met with for discipleship described it this way: “Before I met you guys, I didn’t know anything about reading the Bible, praying or sharing the gospel with the lost. But, now God has taught us all these things through the time we have spent together.”

Saraswati, another young lady they met with for discipleship, was helping to envision her friends to reach out to the lost after hearing the vision for the unreached people in her country. After Daniel and Lindsay modeled sharing the gospel for her and her friends, they overcame fear they had previously had about sharing the Good News with the lost.

Amit, a believer whose Dad had been healed and who himself had recovered from blindness, said that he wanted his life to be a testimony to Jesus, but that previously he had no idea how to share his story.

Now in Seattle, Daniel and Lindsay continue to stay in touch with some of these local believers and they mutually encourage one another in the faith.

“Mission work can be challenging in many ways, but it is encouraging to remember that we’ve played a small part in the Biblically-based Christian tradition of discipling believers and equipping them to reach out to those who have never heard,” said Daniel. “It can be disappointing when expectations are not met, but it is encouraging to remember that the Lord is pleased with our obedience, and that we ultimately can’t know the full impact of the gospel seeds that we sowed and the investment we made in believers’ lives. We played a small part in God’s grand story of drawing people from all nations to Himself, and for that, we are thankful.”