Andrew was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK. Andrew and his wife, Jordyn, have been married for eight years after meeting through the Antioch church in Norman, OK. They have had four kids in the last six years: William, Alice, Elliot and Annie. When we asked Andrew what he is passionate about, he said he is “artsy-fartsy!” He loves theatre (particularly classic musicals), film, literature (he loves most 19th century Russian fiction), and classical and jazz music top the list as his favorites. Andrew is a published author of Created for Love. When we asked him about Created for Love, he said, “This is the book I needed when I was seeking to follow Jesus while wrestling deeply with questions of identity and Godly sexuality. I wanted to create a resource that was approachable in length, while combining theological and psychological truth with both practical application and stories from my life and those I love that bring the truth down to the level of real-life situations and struggles. For those of us who have struggled to live in holiness regarding sexuality and relational longings, I felt the importance of our standing, not around the common ground of our struggle, but around the common ground of our created dignity, our ability to learn the way of Jesus’s love, regardless of our unique backgrounds and challenges.”⁠ Andrew and Jordyn will lead Mosaic Eastside, the newest Mosaic church plant, launching in the fall of 2021!